Transgender women are undertaking transgender voice training with online Skype sessions to achieve perfect practice.

Transgender Voice Training – Achieving Perfect Practice

Why Your Transgender Voice Training Isn’t Sticking For You   Listen up transgender women! You’re beginning transgender voice training with the mindset to practice hard and achieve that female voice. You’ve got the mindset, ‘practice makes perfect’. Right? Wrong.  Perfect practice makes perfect. This is the primary reason so many individuals undertaking voice feminization can not […]

Voice Feminization Process [Infographic] delivered by Vocal Key Speech Pathology

Voice Feminization Therapy – What To Expect

Want to know the process behind undertaking Voice Feminization? Check out the useful infographic below! When visiting your Speech Pathologist, a crucial aspect is first detailing your medical history and vocal goals. Medical information plays an important role & helps your clinician to evaluate the best approach to undertake your voice feminization process. Did you […]

Caitlyn Jenner works toward transgender voice training

Caitlyn Jenner Tries Transgender Voice Training & Discusses Why It Means So Much To Her

 Transgender Voice Training : Caitlyn’s Journey   As the world now knows, Caitlyn Jenner has recently opened up about being transgender, making waves with her amazing documentary series, I Am Cait. Through paparazzi blitzes, makeovers, self-discovery and big changes, Caitlyn details the journey of her transition in an informative, entertaining and sensitive manner. It can be seen that […]