Feminine Voice Training

With Vocal Key Speech Pathology

Do you want to target pitch, create resonance and master voice feminization?
Vocal Key Speech Pathology gives you the knowledge and assurance you need to succeed.

Feminine Voice Training Professional

As a fully qualified Speech Pathologist, my main focus is to help my clients to achieve their desired feminine voice, and overall, increase their personal fulfilment.

With a Masters Degree in Speech Pathology from La Trobe University, I have devoted my skills to assisting those in the transgender community looking to find a voice that represents their gender identity. I am dedicated to helping clients increase their confidence and find their female voice.

As a professional member of Speech Pathology Australia, VVIG (Victorian Voice Interest Group) and GIIV (Gender Identity in Voice), I prioritise providing a high quality service based on leading research and professional advice.

If you’re looking to create a more feminine voice and increase vocal satisfaction, please do not hesitate to contact me for online Skype voice lessons.

-Natalie (BA. Hlth Sci., MA. Sp.Path.)