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Are you looking for transgender voice training to target pitch, resonance and communication?

Vocal Key Speech Pathology is an online clinic dedicated to transgender voice therapy for adults and adolescents worldwide. We focus on providing you with professional advice, delivering evidence based knowledge and step-by-step guidance to transform your male to female voice

We understand the frustrations and that can accompany navigating through the journey of vocal changes, especially without certified feedback. We prioritise alleviating these barriers, offering qualified expertise in one to one Skype consultations to the convenience of your own home.

After successfully working globally delivering transgender voice training and supporting transgender women going through their transition, Vocal Key Speech Pathology is proud to have helped many individuals achieve their voice feminization goals and increase individual confidence and satisfaction.

We look forward to working with you and helping you on your way to accomplishing your female voice. View the transgender therapy rates for more information about initial consultations.

If you’re a trans woman who would like to train your voice to sound unmistakably female, I strongly recommend you work with Natalie of Vocal Key Speech Pathology

Working with Natalie has led me to being recognised as female by strangers on the phone for the first time, after only six weeks of applying the vocal techniques Natalie introducedHer training program requires ten to twenty minutes of daily practice to produce results and it’s very easy to follow with her expert guidance. Natalie is very warm and approachable, making the process of retraining one’s voice comfortable instead of awkward.

The online aspect of the service works very well, saving time and money, and allows access for anyone with an internet connection and an hour of free time every week or two. I’ve found that making a serious effort to work on my voice has been more beneficial than anything else for my social transition .

– Julie, Washington, USA
Working with Natalie of Vocal Key Speech Pathology has been great.

From our first session I’ve felt comfortable and respected. Natalie has worked with me to find a time that fit my time-zone and each session was conveniently available in the comfort of my room (via Skype!)

The program itself is simple (yet in-depth) and easy (yet rigorous!). It consisted of a few parts to add strength and flexibility to my voice (a tremendously useful exercise!), breathing and speaking exercises. Each exercise felt fun and unlike other exercises, worked.

Additionally, my progress has felt fantastic! Specifically, my ‘natural’ speaking voice has raised about 40Hz and my ‘feminine’ voice is more comfortable, natural sounding and … well, feminine! I’ve felt more confident in myself with each session and highly recommend this for people undergoing transition, as I was.

Thanks Natalie!.

– Amelia, California, USA

Listen to Male to Female Voice Transformations
After Only 10 Sessions!

Vocal Key Speech Pathology provide you with the foundation you need to create your female voice. Listen for yourself to some mp3 recordings of two client’s fantastic before and after audio after just 10 sessions. These clients will continue to develop their voice and improve further upon their female voice.

 To find your own female voice, book online now